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How to get an International Driving Permit (IDP) in India

If you are an Indian national, the International Driving Permit (IDP) enables you to drive a private motor vehicle in all countries which recognize an IDP. It must be accompanied by your valid Indian driving licence. The IDP, which is slightly larger than a passport, is a multi-language translation of the driver’s licence from the issuing nation, complete with photograph and vital details.

Although there are many countries where short term visitors may not need an IDP since their driving licence will suffice but its best to check with the country you are travelling to whether you will need this document. I checked withe some of my friends living in Germany and our car rental company and they told me an IDP is required to drive in Europe.

Where to apply for IDP in India

In India IDP is issued by the licensing authority in India or a few authorized automobile associations. Regional Transport Offices (RTO) are the designated government offices that deal with driving license issues in India. Before apply for a IDP from RTO make sure that address in the driving license must fall in the jurisdiction of that RTO. You can look at the right bottom of your licence to find out the area from which your licence is issued.

Documents required for IDP 

  1. Original Driving License (1 photocopy)
  2. Passport + Visa + Air Ticket (1 photocopy of each)
  3. 4 recent photographs
  4. Filled Form CMV4-A
  5. Medical certificate in form of CMV1A 
  6. Address in the driving license MUST fall in the jurisdiction of that RTO. Generally this is printed in your licence if not find out the RTO from where yout licence is issued and apply at the same RTO.
  7. IDP fee of 1000/- which is to be deposited at RTO

If your address of Passport and Licence is not same you will have to write an application to RTO stating that you will be responsible for any issues arriving due to difference in address also make sure to write your licence number and passport number in the application. Also keep the original copy of your passport and licence with you for verification.

After googling for some time and talking to some RTO agents who were charging 5000/- for IDP I decided not to go to an agent and try this on my own. As my licence was issued by K R Puram, Bangalore RTO I had to go to K R Puram RTO for getting my IDP. So I got everything ready except the medical certificate. I had read in some blog that there is a doctor just outside RTO. There is a doctor who sits near to K R Puram RTO and charged me 100 INR to sign the certificate. Once all the documents were completed I went to the IDP desk and handed all my documents, he verified all my documents and after checking orignal signed on my application and asked me to pay the fee os 1000/- INR. After paying the fee I had to go to another officer to get his signature. He again asked me some basic questions like where are you going, for how much time, with whom but I guess that was just because he wanted to know rather than a some kind of crosschecking. Once he signed on my application I had to submit the application in another office. I read online that it takes 24 hours to make IDP and you can collect it the next day but I was asked to come a week later to collect IDP. When i told him that I checked online and it takes 24 hours to prepare IDP, he said no the rules are changed and you will only get it a week later. Although one of my friend got it the next day from Kormangala RTO, I had to come a week later to collect my IDP.  I was rather happy to collect the IDP after a week as it took me 1000+100 (for medical) where the agent was asking 5000 for it.

Validity of IDP issued in India

The validity of IDP issued in India is one year or until the IDP holder’s Indian driving license is valid, whichever is earlier. Both IDP and valid driving license of your home country are required to drive abroad. International Driving Permits issued in India cannot be renewed, a new application is required


17 thoughts on “How to get an International Driving Permit (IDP) in India

  1. Hi ,
    Thanks for the post😁
    Is there any process to apply for this online ??
    I googled on this but no luck …



  2. Hi Singhi,

    Thank you for the post, super helpful!

    Regarding the Medical Certificate, would you please provide a bit more information around the process?

    >Would the form be attested by a Doctor at the RTO?
    >Would I need to visit a Government Hospital for signatures? Or would we need to get it filled by a doctor with a license?


    1. Medical form needs to be attested by a doctor with a licence. There are no doctors at RTO but generally there is a doctor clinic near to Almost every RTO as a lot of RTO application requires medial certification.

      You can go to any doctor you know or if you dont know any or do not have any preference just google clinics near RTO you will definable get someone.


      1. Thanks,

        It’s very different in Telangana. The Medical Officer has to test and certify. Cost another ₹50. For someone who consults a doctor outside, it must be a waste of time and money.

        They also require your passport for verification and get it attested by the Administrative Officer.

        The Telangana State provides a smart card and doesn’t give the translated paper document which is issued in the US.

        Had a lot of back and forth with this, but finally got mine. Thanks.


  3. Hi, my address on passport is of another state where I currently reside(Maharashtra) and license was issued by rajasthan RTO. How to obtain IDP?


    1. There are 2 options in this case
      1) You can first change the address on DL to Maharashtra and then apply for IDP
      2) Get IDP from Rajasthan, where you DL was issued

      Remember you have to apply for IDP through the RTO from where your DL was issued.


  4. Hey ,

    Thank you for the info . Is providing Visa must to apply for IDL ? What is the country I am visiting has Visa on arrival ?


    1. If the country you are visiting have Visa on arrival there are high chances that you dont need IDP, you can drive on Indian Licence crosscheck this online. In case you need or you still want to take IDP, take a printout of the page from consulate website where it says to take Visa on arrival.


  5. Did you have different addresses on the Driving License and the Passport? I have a DL issued in Kerala and a passport that has an address in Delhi. I do not reside in Delhi any longer so cannot change my DL address. So wanted to check if writing the additional application letter bearing responsibility for any issues arising due to different addresses and submitting an IDP application at the RTO in Kerala will work. Last time I checked they were very adamant that the addresses should be the same and did not give this option of submitting a letter. Thanks

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi,
      Yes, I have a different address on my passport and Licence. My passport was issued in West Bengal and Licence was issued in Karnataka. I wrote an application explaining the reason why was a difference. Samilar issue is many of us, check with your RTO they should accept the application with the letter.


  6. Hi,
    I am traveling to Thailand this June for around 7 days, I applied for IDP at RTO Nagpur Maharashtra. Did all the process online and when I went to the officer at RTO, He denied my IDP saying it can not be issued to ppl who are traveling to the countries where visa on arrival is provided. Help me what can I do. Any official link or email id where I can report this issue and get it resolved.


    1. For countries which have VISA on arrival a printout saying country approves VISA on arrival is generally required. I do not remember any rule which says IDP cannot be issued to people who are visiting countries which have VISA on arrival. Said that Thailand does not need an IDP you can drive with Indian Licence in Thailand.


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