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Heavenly Mountain, Fresh Water Beach: Lake Tahoe

Lake Tahoe is probably one of the most visited places from California and Nevada. It’s a perfect place in winter for skiing and equally great to spend a weekend in summer. I have been to Lake Tahoe twice and it was equally great. Trees, Fresh air, Smell of pines, Crystal clear blue water, Watersports, Hot air balloon, and Tall mountains circling the lake, there is nothing like it.

There is a lot to do in Lake Tahoe and it’s almost impossible to cover everything in a weekend. The first time, I visited Lake Tahoe it was my flatmates birthday and we decided to stay in Reno which is an hour drive from Lake Tahoe. Contrary to Lake Tahoe Reno which is the is the peak of natural beauty Reno is filled with Casinos and Clubs. We spent one day in Reno and another on North Lake Tahoe.

Every one of us was excited about water sport and we decided to rent a boat for 2 hours. The best part is that you get to drive the boat yourself!! Just show your driving licence and wola! We took the boat in the middle of the lake, jumped out in fresh water and all we could see was water and mountains surrounding the lake. After the boat ride, we decided to spend some time on the beach and enjoy the sunset.

Tahoe - 1
Lake Tahoe
Lake Tahoe - 48
Lake Tahoe
Lake Tahoe - 36
Emerald Bay

The second time, was also for a birthday but this time we decided to stay near the beach in South Lake Tahoe. As this was a long weekend and we did not think of this before it became very difficult for us to get a speedboat or even a jet ski as everything was pre-booked. We hopped on 3-4 different beaches and inquired many rental companies but no luck and finally, we decided to spend some time on a beach and go for a dip. Someone suggested to one of my friends that there is a company which organise rafting in Truckee River and doing it was probably the best decision of the trip. It is more of a relaxing float down the Truckee River where you can cruise through mellow and serene areas with picturesque mountain views, there are a few rapids in between and a lot of places where you can just jump in the river and swim.

Lake Tahoe - 13
Rafting n lake Tahoe
Lake Tahoe - 21
Trukee River Rafting
Lake Tahoe - 17
Trukee River Rafting
Lake Tahoe - 23
Trukee River Rafting

There are also a lot of hikes near the emerald bay. Lake Tahoe is a perfect place to spend a weekend offers a lot of things to do but make all the reservations before as it gets very busy during long weekends. Also, make sure to carry an insect repellant, sunscreen and towels or bedsheets to sit on at the beach.

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