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Visit ​​to Instagramable Places: Horseshoe-Bend and Canyon-X

Horseshoe-Bend and Antelope Canyon were on top of our list. They were on my bucket list since long I was so excited to visit them. Both of them were located in a very different landscape as compared to that I imagined. I though Horseshoe-Bend will be after a strenuous hike where you have to hike up a few thousand feet and Antelope Canyon will come after a long hike in canyons. On the Contrary Horseshoe Bend is just 15 mins walk from parking. Unfortunately, We could not get tickets for the tour to Antelope Canyon and after a little bit of searching came to know about Canyon-X which is as good as Antelope Canyon if not more.

Horseshoe Bend was just 15 mins drive from our hotel. After a short 15 mins walk from the parking lot, we reached the famous Horseshoe-Bend. Overlook is around 4000 ft above the river and it’s a mesmerising look beneath. When greenish blue water contracts against the deep orange walls it makes an incrdible sight.

Can you spot the bend?
Horseshoe Bend

We spend around half an hour on Horseshoe Bend. Canyon-X was another 30 mins drive from Horseshoe Bend. Initially, I was sceptical, I was not sure if it will be as good as Antelope Canyon. All my worries went away as soon as we entered Canyon-X and all I was wondering why is this place not as famous as Antelope Canyon. It was a cloudy day so we thought we will not be able to see the amazing sight when a beam of sunlight falls in the canyon from slots. as we entered Canyon-X it was a very fantastical sight. Light rays dropping from slots in creates an amazing effect and the view is jsut facinating.

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