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Half Day Trekker Tour to Lanai: Smallest publicly accessible Island in Hawaii

A day trip to Lanai is one of the most popular excursions from Maui. Many people visit Lanai to snorkel, some go for its pristine beaches, we decided to go for a half-day trekker tour (via Go Lanai) with a local who took us around the Island and shared the history of Lanai. If I could, I would do this kind of tour whenever I travel, since I believe you can’t learn much about a destination without talking to a local. Many people visit Maui and are unknown of this little gem which is 45 mins boat ride away, even if you are staying in Maui for a few days a half-day trip to Lanai is totally worth it.

We picked our Lunch from Pioneer Inn Grill and Bar (which I don’t recommend) for our 9:30 ferry and reached Lanai at around 10:30. Our tour guide Bryce was eagerly waiting for us at the ferry terminal to start the tour. Bryce was living in Lanai for the last 10 years and knew almost everything about Lanai. He told us about the history of Lanai, why he loves Lanai and decided to settle here.

Lanai City

Our first stop of the tout was Lanai City, I was surprised to see that an island with a population of 3000 odd people has a Police Station, Fire Station, Hospital, School, a couple of churches and even a movie theatre. There is practically everything you need on the island.

Garden of the Gods

Don’t go by the name, it’s noting like a usual garden, its actually a rock garden – formed by wind erosion. The alien-like landscape is stunning to take in and walk around. Garden of the gods has this unique landscape with red rocks, overlooking the beautiful sea and island of Moloka’i and Maui. Be prepared to get dirty though as it’s often quite windy, but it’s worth a stop to see this unique landscape!

Shipwreck Beach

Kaiolohia, also known as Shipwreck Beach, is a 6 mile stretch of coastline located on the north shore of Lanai. A common misconception is that beach is named shipwreck beach because you can see a shipwreck from the beach. Large swells and strong trade winds have caused more than one shipwreck off its coast, and the one you see there is just one of many. When visiting the beach, you’ll see a 1940s oil tanker that still remains beached on Kaiolohia Bay’s coral reef. From the beach, you will also see great views of both Molokai and Maui.

ShipWreck Beach
Hulopoe Beach

Hulopoe Beach a protected marine preserve which makes it great for snorkelling. It is the most famous spot on Lanai as it’s within walking distance from Lanai Harbor and close to Four Seasons Hotel.

Lanai Fun Facts

• Population 3,100
• Length – 18 miles | Width – 13 miles
• Highest Point – 3.370 ft.
• City – Lana’i City (yes – only one city)
• 30 miles of paved roads (which basically break down into 3 actual roads) and 400 miles of unpaved roads stretching in every direction possible!
• No stoplights on the entire island
• One gas station on the island

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