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Skyline Drive, Horse-riding and Fireflies: Shenandoah National Park

Though I visited Shenandoah National Park Last July on my East Coast trip, quarantine is making me go over my old photos and work on posts which I would never write otherwise. It's more than 2 weeks of quarantine and the situation is not improving, I hope COVID goes away soon and life would be… Continue reading Skyline Drive, Horse-riding and Fireflies: Shenandoah National Park

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Bula! Its “Fiji Time”

My wife loves beaches - born in a coastal town, she has spent her entire early life near beaches, so when it came to our honeymoon, we decided to spend time together on an island and we shortlisted three possible islands for our visit. It was either Hawaii, Zanzibar or Fiji. After some discussion and possibilities of visiting other places with greater ease in the future, we finalized on Fiji and boy, did we love Fiji! I was pleasantly surprised when I learned that 40% of Fijian population is of Indian origin.

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Amsterdam Light Festival

Annually, Amsterdam Light Festival transforms Amsterdam’s city centre into a 53-day light art exhibition. This year Amsterdam Light Festial is held from 28 November 2019 until 19 January 2020, the canal belt of Amsterdam lights up with spectacular light sculptures, projections, and art installations. The light artworks can be admired by boat, by bike, or… Continue reading Amsterdam Light Festival