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My experience with solar eclipse

What a time it is to shift to Cincinnati, its been just 3 weeks and I got a chance to witness one of the most awe-inspiring phenomenon of nature, Solar Eclipse. It was a friend a mine who told me about the eclipse and asked me to watch https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cgxZ4H3gJ8c this ted talk and since then I though “before I die I owe it to myself to watch a Solar Eclipse”. I was lucky enough to be in Cincinnati where the moon would block about 90% of the Sun, although it would not be a total eclipse still it was a phenomenon I did not want to miss.

So in search of a Eclipse glasses I started calling planetarium, hardware stores, walmart and what not but unfortunately I couldn’t get any leads till 20th night. My last shot was to go to the nearest public library as I heard they were hosting the eclipse event and fortunately there was no need of per-registration, they would give me glasses which we can share and watch the Eclipse.

At around 1:30PM everyone gathered outside with our Eclipse glasses the Library to witness the event. Total Solar Eclipse started with the partial Eclipse and for the first 30 mins I couldn’t find anything unusual with my naked eyes, there was no change in the brightness, but when I looked through the Eclipse glass it looked as if someone has taken a bite from the sun and slowly the moon started covering sun and the bite grew larger and larger. At around 2:20 PM I started noticing the difference even with naked eyes, the daylight intensity decreased, we could see the crescents in the tree shadows, it suddenly became cooler and when I looked up I was just amazed, the sun was almost covered by moon turning in the shape of croissant, although it was nothing as compared to the videos I saw of Full Eclipse but I was still in awe with mother nature and that moment I though again that I owe it to myself to experience a total Solar Eclipse.


The next solar Eclipse is scheduled to be on 2nd July 2019 and will be passing through the Pacific Ocean, Chile and Argentina. Although I missed to witness a total Solar Eclipse this time but I will go watch the next one.

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