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17 Mile Drive! A treat for the eyes

17-mile drive as the name suggests is a 17 mile long stretch along the Pacific and is a real treat for the eyes. It is actually in a private property and you have to pay $10.50 to enter. As soon as you enter the costal part you will be mesmerized with the views. Blue skies, turquoise water, soft pacific waves, perfect temperature, lots of sea animals and birds, pines, cypress trees; it’s a perfect place to spend your day. There are also a lot of places to shop and eat with the view of the Pacific, I especially liked “The Links at Spanish Bay” where you can sit and enjoy your coffee or drink with the view of The Pacific.

There are more than 21 points of interest according to the brochure, some of them are golf course so we skipped that and some of them have a similar view you can skip them as well. Spanish Bay, The Restless Sea, China Rock, Bird Rock, Cypress Point Lookout and Lone Cypress are must-visit spots on the drive. You can easily spend 3-4 hours and another great way to explore is on a bike which might take the whole day but will give you an amazing experience of biking along the coast of the Pacific with amazing views.

Spanish Bay
Pebble Beach
Cypress Tree
Bird Rock
Spanish Bay
Pebble Beach
lone cypress
Lone Cypress
Restless sea
Bird Rock Through Telescope
Restless sea
17 Mile Drive
17 mile drive
17 Mile Drive

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