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Gliding through​ the Hoodoos: Bryce Canyon

Bryce Canyon National Park was the third stop on our trip.

Bryce Canyon Entrance

We knew that it was going to be snowy, and it had snowed a day before our visit. I had seen photos of Bryce in snow and they were amazing so I was pretty excited to visit Bryce Canyon in December. We had planned only one day for Bryce Canyon which I feel is enough to visit all major attractions but if you want to hike Bryce it woud probably take 2-3 days.

We reached Bryce around 10:30 AM to find that road to Inspiration Point and Bryce Point was closed dues to heavy snowfall. Both of them are also accessible through rim trail, Inspiration Point around a half a mile of hike and Bryce Point is around 2 miles. We decided to walk to Inspiration Point, which is the most famous viewpoint of Bryce Canyon. You see the amazing view of Bryce Canyon, its hoodoos and Bryce amphitheatre from Inspiration Point. The view of Canyon starts as soon as you start walking on rim trail and it just gets better as you walk towards Inspiration Point. We were walking in the snow with the amazing landscape of Bryce on our left and snow-capped trees on right.

A short hike to Inspiration Point and we were staring the Bryce Amphitheater in all its glory, Orange Hoodoos and this amazing landscape of Bryce Canyon. We could not stop taking photos of Hoodoos as you get unobstructed views with hoodoos everywhere you look. I feel Inspiration Point is a must visit even if you are spending a couple of hours.

On way to Inspiration Point
Inspiration Point

After lunch we decided to do hike Novajo trail, this trail is simply gorgeous. Hiking on Navajo Trail is a great experience in itself, we started descending into the amphitheatre and soon there were Hoodoos on both sides. The hike was quite easy and we saw some of the most picturesque places of Bryce Canyon. The views are stunning and very unique. Due to heavy snow Wall Street which is one half of the loop was closed and we had to come back through the same route. Another plus point of doing Navajo trail is that it ends at sunset point and you can plan your hike to end with the amazing sunset.

Start of Hike
Navajo Trail
Walking back to sunset point

We could not do a lot as we just had one day and a lot of viewpoints were closed due to heavy. Even though we around 5-6 hours in Bryce we were very satisfied with our visit. Breathtaking views, unique rock formations, snow-capped Hoodoos, Sunset Point, Sunrise Point. Bryce has a lot to offer and no matter how long you stay you will find one thing or other to do here.

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