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Majestic Maroon Bells

With its snow striped mountaintops surrounded by golden aspens, Maroon Bells is perhaps the most photographed mountains in the Rockies. A month back I did not know of Maroon Bellsad now that I have been there it’s definitely one of the must-go places I am going to suggest to anyone visiting Colorado. The red mudstone layers give the mountains their unique maroon colour and its name. The pleasant panorama of the reflective lake along with Peaks covered in shades of spring green is a sight to behold. Regardless of the season, the views were at Maroon Bells Colorado are breathtaking – it is not to be missed during a visit to Colorado!

The most popular viewpoint of the Maroon Bells are from the shores of Maroon Lake, a pristine alpine lake. There is Maroon Lake Scenic Trail which starts at the parking area and follows the circumference of the lake.  This is a great place for pictures and stroll around.

Maroon Bells reflection in Maroon Lake

Reflection from other side:

Other View:

From about the mid-June until early October, you can drive Maroon Creek road to the Maroon Bells trailhead before 8am and after 5pm. There is a $10 fee for driving the road, which–especially in Autumn–is one of the more beautiful drives in the country. From 8am to 5pm, visitors must take a 10-15-minute shuttle bus ride to the trailhead from the Maroon Bell parking lot.

Early October to Mid-November: You can drive Maroon Creek road to the trailhead any day and any time of the week. Again, the access fee applies.

Maroon Bells During the Winter Months: Maroon Creek road is closed during the winter months, beginning in mid-November. Until the road reopens around mid-May of each year, the trailhead is only accessible by hiking in, cross-country skis, or via snowmobile tours.

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