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The Holy Boat Amsterdam!!

I was browsing through Airbnb for a place for us to stay in Amsterdam and me being me started looking for things to do rather than focusing on where to stay, this was the first time I stumbled on this amazing Hukkah Friendly boat. We though of booking at at that point itself but then we were caught up in other conversations and planned to book it once we reach Amsterdam.

A simple google search of Hukkah Boat in Amsterdam landed us on The Holy Boat website. Tour is 25 Euro per person has 1 drink included and sail through the Red Lights, Central area and the main canals of Amsterdam. We did a boat tour for the Light Festival the previous night but this was a very unusual and unique experience. Its a must-do for anyone who likes Hukkah and is comfortable with their smoking policies. 

Our tour started around 5:00 PM at Oudezijds Voorburgwal 228 near Bull Dog Coffeeshop. A chill vibe and relaxed environment were exactly what we were looking for and we found it with The Holy Boat. Hosts are really friendly people and they had everything from snacks, drinks, hot chocolate, tea to make sure your boat ride is comfortable and fun. I did not even remember where the time went by and it was already one and a half hour. If I ever visit Amsterdam again this is one thing that I would not miss.

One thought on “The Holy Boat Amsterdam!!

  1. Pretty interesting. I didn’t know that there is a canal ride offering hukkah. Bull dog is certainly one of the most popular places for people with weed in their mind!


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