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Van Gogh Museum

I am not into painting or arts but when you get a chance visit museum of one of the most renowned painter in the history its difficult to say no! Even if you are not an art fan, after visiting the museum one can easily recognize his artwork. I had never thought that I would enjoy a museum but I have to say Van Gogh museum is so well outlined and their Audio guide is so good that I found myself absorbed in the paintings. Even though Van Gogh is known for his colourful and vivid paintings he also has darker themed paintings. It was really exciting to discover that every single painting of him is different than the other ones; yet, when you pick any of those various works, you can identify that it is Van Gogh.

As a note, if you’re interested in visiting the Van Gogh museum, you can your ticket online. Kiosk at the museum generally has a long queue, it’s easier and faster to get tickets online. Tickets are priced at 19 Euro per person and audio-guided tour at another 5 Euro per person which I would definitely recommend.

The story of Vincent Van Gogh is spread across three floors, starting with his early life through to the artist of World renown. His artwork is staged to show his development as an artist, along with the works of other artists who influenced him. The audiobook really helped us to understand what was Van Gogh was thinking behind creating the painting. I really loved the way paintings are explained the audio tour. They have selected some of the famous paintings of Van Gogh and explained what inspired Van Gogh to paint it.

I was very happy that we visited Van Gogh museum, and would recommend to anyone visiting Amsterdam.

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