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A day at Singapore Changi Airport

We had to travel to Nadi International Airport from Vishakhapatnam and all the flights we could find had a layer of more than 15 hours in Singapore. Initially, I was hesitant to stay that much time at an Airport but then a colleague of mine told me there are countless things to do at Changi and 15 hours would not feel too much if you are willing to explore the airport. After a little bit of researching and some tips from my colleague, I thought let’s do it. Good thing that we had a US visa and Indians who have a US visa are allowed to enter Singapore for 72 hours without the need of any pre-approved visa.

Jewel at Changi Airport has a lot of things to do. I personally was excited to see the highest indoor waterfall!! I had seen a lot of photos of the Vortex and was really excited to view it. Our flight landed around 6:00 in the morning after taking some rest we started our day at around 10:00.

Vortex is positively the best attraction of Chang, and that’s where we started from. I would have loved to see the Vortex at night with all the lights on, but that’s for next time.

Apart from Vortex, they have dedicated an entire floor to attractions parks, museum, and a lot of other things. We took a bundle package which covered Changi Experience Studio+, Canopy Park, Canopy Bridge, Hedge Maze, Mirror Maze, Manulife Sky Nets – Walking#.

Canopy Park:

Canopy Park is a collection of parks spread over entire floor.

Canopy Bridge:
Mirror Maze:
Hedge Maze:
Changi Experience Studio+

Changi Studio looks right from the future and it does feel good to see your name on scoreboard!!

Manulife Sky Nets – Walking

I was really amazed by how the airport is so well planned, has all the things you can even think of museums, parks, waterfall, restaurants, lounges, movie theatre, bar, shops you name it they have it!! Initially, I was worried to spend 15+ hours at an airport, but after my first visit, I would not only be comfortable with but I would be looking forward to visiting Changi again.

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