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Skyline Drive, Horse-riding and Fireflies: Shenandoah National Park

Though I visited Shenandoah National Park Last July on my East Coast trip, quarantine is making me go over my old photos and work on posts which I would never write otherwise. It’s more than 2 weeks of quarantine and the situation is not improving, I hope COVID goes away soon and life would be back to normal again.

Shenandoah is just 75 miles from DC and being a National Park Lover we decided to pay a visit to Shenandoah on our East Coast trip. To me, Shenandoah is a perfect National Park if you want to relax and please yourself. We planned to stay in Skyland Lodge which is right in between Skyline Drive and have some amazing views. There are 2 very distinct memories from Shenandoah: deers everywhere and after dawn, it becomes a playground for Fireflies. I think I have never seen these many fireflies in my entire life as much as I saw on that day. It was very late around 1:00 AM by the time we reach Shenandoah and on skyline drive, we could spot deers in about every 10 mins.

For the first day, we had our booking for Horse riding. Exploring the Shenandoah forests on horseback riding is a genuine way to experience National Park.

The best thing about Shenandoah is that anywhere you go you have to take Skyline Drive and the views are unexpected. There are also a lot of small hikes through the park and within a few mins walk you get to see amazing views. We went to Stony man for sunset as its trail started right from our lodge. I love how the sunlight gets dispersed into orange hue during sunset. Every time I see a sunset like this it gives a sense of inner peace and reminds me how beautiful earth is.

This time it was not the sunset that left me in awe but it was the presence of fireflies. As we started walking back after sunset and daylight started fading we could see tiny lights blinking all around us. As time went by the frequency of fireflies rose exponentially. I wish I could have captured that in photos but ah!! I had never seen so many fireflies at once anywhere, here I could locate hundreds of fireflies. I was just amazed by the number and just looking at so many fireflies was just worth visiting Shenandoah.

Next day we completed the rest of our drive of Skyline drive. Skyline Drive definitely is the best attraction of Shenandoah.

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