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Hike to Hidden Falls and Inspiration Point: Grand Teton National Park

The hike to Hidden Falls and Inspiration Point is one of the most popular thing to do in Grand Teton National Parkand after doing this I can understand why. This quick 2.5 mile hike is with moderate difficiutly takes you through an amazing Hidden falls and ends at a view point overlooking Jenny Lake.

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Hike Info

Distance: 3 miles
Elevation gain: 400 ft
Type of hike: Out and back
Difficulty: Moderate
Time: Allow 2 โ€“ 3 hours

The Hidden Falls/Inspiration Point trailhead is located on the west shores of Jenny Lake. To get there, you need to park at the visitor centre lot and then cross the lake. To cross Jenny Lake, you can either take the ferry to the west shore of the lake or hike for 2.5, miles to reach trailhead:

  1. Take the ferry shuttle for a fee
  2. Hike around the lake

How much I would have loved to hike around the lake as well but we were in Teton for only a day and so decided to take ferry ride instead which is pretty fun itself. At the time of our visit, ticket prices were $18 for an adult round-trip ticket and $10 for a child round-trip ticket. (Click here for current ferry rates.)ย 

The trail to Hidden Falls is an easy to moderate scenic hike. It crosses over Cascade Creek several times and features several impressive cascades as you gently ascend 200 feet in elevation. After half-a-mile trail ends at an overlook allowing you to see the spectacular Hidden Falls. Hike till Hidden falls is pretty easy and we before even thinking how far is the water we were there. I would have told to take a break and enjoy some snacks but hold on to your snacks till inspiration point. After admiring the waterfall for a while and snapping a few pictures, we turnoff for Inspiration Point.

After Hidden Lake hike is steep in areas. Much of the trail consists of narrow ledges, uneven surfaces and loose rocks.
The view at Inspiration Point is pretty impressive. It overlooks Jenny Lake, Jackson Hole Valley, and the Cathedral Group of mountains (Mount Owen, Teewinot and the Grand Teton). If you have time to explore you can continue your hike to cascade canyon or just sit here for some time and soak in the beauty of Inspiration Point.

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