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TILT Chicago: A Thrill Ride One-Thousand Feet in the Sky

I haven’t been posting for a long time. Don’t know why, but it’s been hard for me to get started on my blog. So I’ve decided to start with shorter posts to get into the flow and hopefully continue from there.

The first time I saw a video of Chicago TILT I was amazed by the idea. At the time I was in India and unassured that I would visit the TILT. I couldn’t believe it when I finally got to visit the thrill ride. The attraction, which extends 1,000ft above the city and overlooks Lake Michigan, offers wonderful views of the city.

Within one of the eight full-length bay windows, facing forward, it is impossible not to be drawn to the breathtaking views. The angle increases, you at first get tilted at 5 degrees, then 10 degrees, then 15 degrees, and up to 30 degrees. As you tilt forward, you start to grip the handrails tighter. Finally, you’re at 30 degrees, where you stay for a few seconds and allow yourself to take in the city’s skyline from a whole new view. In every batch, there are people who fear heights, and then there are those who are just comfortable, leaning on the glass. I found myself leaning against the glass to see further down the building. I was thinking about how to compare this activity to other adventure activities I’ve experienced, but could not draw the parallel. It wasn’t scary, but it was definitely thrilling and quite interesting. 

P.S. : Don’t forget to purchase TILT tickets and observation deck tickets at the same time. The 8$ ticket is only for TILT.

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