Chelela Pass: A snowy Sunday

chelela pass

So far it was an fantabulous trip and today was our last day in Bhutan and we haven’t touched snow yet and so we decided to head towards Chelela Pass on a chilly Sunday, as the temperature was low there was a fair chance to experience snowfall. We started from Paro at around 10:00 A.M. for a 37 km ride which makes an interesting road excursion. Chelela pass separates Hhaa and Paro vally at 3700 meter though the milestone shows 3988 meters 😀 and is one of the highest motor able pass in Bhutan.

As we move up the weather became more and more chilly and our hopes of experiencing snow fall began strengthening. Half a way we were seeing snow on both the sides of road and it was difficult for us to control the excitement.

chelela pass snow

As we move forward our excitement grew and weather was kind enough not to let our hopes down after about half a journey there was snow all over the road.


and after a shot time the whole view was covered with fresh snow and fog

Chelela Pass way

Luckily we had got to experience snow fall although very little and as we reached the top the view was awe-inspiring. There was fog all over and it was difficult even to see across 50 meters,


and after some time the sun started ascending and the view of valley become clear as the fog erased


It was a perfect way to end our Bhutan trip and say goodbye to the “Land of Thunder Dragon” and its breathtaking and astonishing natural beauty. \m/ 😀

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