Why visit Bhutan?


Bhutan’s strategy of “low volume, high quality” tourism has helped it to keep foreign influence at a distance while nurturing Bhutanese values at home. Unless you are an Indian or a Bangladeshi you will have to pay $250 per day to experience the beauty of Bhutan. Bhutan famous for its treks, unexplored landscapes, Buddhism, Dzongs gives it a different look and feel altogether, a visual and spiritual feast for all visitors.

 7 reasons to visit Bhutan

bhuddism1) Buddhism: Buddhism is not only a religion but a way of life in Bhutan. Buddhism which constitutes about two-third of Bhutanese population is integrated in its lifestyle with praying wheel, prayer flags and white chortens. A praying wheel can be seen in almost everyone’s hand in a monastery and also in most of the shops. Almost all the souvenir shops keeps a lot of praying wheel, statue of Buddha of all the size which are preferred souvenir by tourists.

trekking-in-bhutan2) Trekking: Host to some of the longest and most difficult treks in the world Bhutan is well known for its trekking. There are several places where there are no roads and hence trekking is the only way to experience the stupefying view that sometimes defy description. Many of the routes are far less travelled, with no real paths to follow or cabins for resting.  Spring, March to April and autumn, September to November are the best times for trekking in Bhutan.

Village13) Solitude: The spiritual and meditative life of Bhutan encourages solitude.Many monks prefer to live in solitude and find immense pleasure in meditation. Most of the mountains in Bhutan are lesser explored and relatively remote and gives you enough reasons and chance to explore yourself.

4) DzongsDSC07894Dzongs are the ancient forts that serves as religious, military, administrative, and social centers of their district. Dzongs follow typical Bhutanese architecture with wide base and narrowing top. They are also ornately decorated with various colors and shapes. Two of Bhutan’s best known dzongs can be found at Punakha and Trongsa.

GNH1[1]5) Gross National Happiness: Bhutan is a country where happiness is more important than a penny and that too on paper as well. Bhutanese government has does not recognize Gross Domestic Product rather it has created a Gross National Happiness Commission to  review policy decisions and allocation of resources and the affect is clearly reflected on peoples faces and the quality of life. It is a more holistic approach to development and is drawn from the Buddhist belief that the ultimate purpose of life is inner happiness.


6) Unexplored mountains: Bhutan has many un-climbed mountains, although whole of the Bhutan  is very picturesque but soon you realize that there are many yet to be explored. Thimpu, the capital, has expanded, but the towns are very small and over each pass you descend into another beautiful and unexpected landscape.


7) Hot cuisine: Bhutanese cuisine is filled with chilly which is used as a vegetable rather than a seasoning. Its national dish “Ema-Datshi” is lavishly spiced with dried or fresh, green or red chili (ema) cooked in cheese (datshi). Apart from this “Kewa Datsi”, “Shamu Datsi” also has a rich content of cheese in it. If you love spicy food then you are going to love Bhutanese cuisine.

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