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The Pristine Beach of Mandvi

Mandvi is a small town located in the Kutch District in the Indian state of Gujarat. Although the old Mandvi was was enclosed by the fort wall remains of which can still be seen and has a four hundred year old ship building industry its more famous for its beach. Mandvi is easily accessible by road and is around 50 KM from bhuj and 400 KM from Ahmadabad.

Ship Building in Mandvi


We hired a cab from Ahmadabad and started at around 9:30 AM and reached Mandvi at around 5:00 PM as it was getting late we decided to go directly to the beach and check-in later. We reached the Mandvi Beach after asking the directions from the locals. But looking at the beach on the first view we got little disappointed as there was scraps of food and plastic everywhere and this was not the picture that we had of the pristine beach of Mandvi. Though the beach has a very long cost and if you go far you can find the calm and clean place you are looking for. After spending sometime there we asked a guy who was offering camel ride if there was any other beach nearby who said there is a resort  Mandvi Palace which has a Beach entrance of their own and only those who are staying there are allowed to go but you can go there even you haven’t booked the resort by giving some charge for the beach.

Mandvi Beach

This was the decision that changed the experience of our Mandvi trip. We settled for 650 INR per person for the beach access including the dinner. As there was no one else on the beach it was completely left for 5 of us and that made the best experience of any beach that i have visited so far. The gentle breeze with the sound of the waves so clear and the ambiance so calm that you can hear the sound of the birds flying by made it a perfect place to spend you time. As it was a no moon night the water was far from shore and sand terrain made by the waves visible clearly which were one of its kind.

After some time the sun started setting on the horizon of Arabian sea and the reflection of sun of the water left at random places was view to be painted. As it begins to grow dark and starts started to glow in the dark we stared back to the resort and spend some time there and then had the dinner. After dinner we decided to visit the beach again for some time to gaze the stars as it was a no moon night and a place without any light pollution there was an amazing view with plenty of starts which could never be experienced in the hustle-bustle of city.

Mandvi Beach in Morning

Another attraction of Mandvi is Vijay  Vilas palace which we were unable to cover because of the lack of time as we had to reach Dhoroho on time to undergo the wonderful phenomenon of White Desert but the pristine beach on Mandvi gave a completely new outlook to experience the beach.

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