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Roti Bank : The unique concept in India

While the word bank is associated with the transaction of money, loans, credit cards and other financial products, Roti Bank is a self-group in India that is especially dedicated towards feeding the poor and needy people. The system they work with is very simple with two components – first, the collection of the food and then the distribution of it. For the collection, volunteers go door to door and ask people to donate two rotis to the bank which are then distributed. They just request one thing from the residents, that is, please give only fresh food as they do not wish to distribute stale food.

Roti-Bank in Aurangabad

India’s first indigenous Roti bank was set up by a group of four friends in the Aurangabad district of Maharashtra. They asked for the rotis from various families across the city and then with those collected rotis they provide food to the people who need it. It was just a small group up till then but with the help of social media, it has spread like a fire and various cities are now having roti-banks on the same format. At preset roti banks are also present in Hazaribagh, Mahoba and Delhi. It a country like India where lots of people go to bed with hungry stomach this is a unique concept which has started and is spreading throughout the country. Now a days people are becoming members of roti bank and are donating on the daily basis and thus are helping a lot people regularly.


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