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India’s First Underwater Restaurant

Real Posiedon.jpg
India’s First underwater restaurant 

Gujarati are well known all over the world for their business acumen and here is yet another example to prove that. India’s First ever underwater restaurant Real Poseidon is located Ahmadabad and has already taken off. Spread across 3000 square ft and plushed with 1,50,000 liters of water, the 32-seater restaurant opened its doors on 1st February and and offers a culinary experience like no other place in India. According to reports, Real Poseidon is built 20 feet below ground level and offers its diners a view of over 4000 species of fish all around it.

Real Posiedon ahemdabad
Inside view of Real Poseidon
Real Posiedon top view
Real Poseidon from top

The menu at Real Poseidon offers a wide variety of cuisines including Indian, Thai, Chinese and Mexican. However, the irony of the placer is the only fish available at restaurant are the ones you are looking at. The restaurant only offers an all-vegetarian dining experience. The Real Poseidon is located in the South Bopal area in Ahmadabad. The restaurant has already generated a lot of interest with 150 booking through online, print and radio promotions. Though the underwater restaurant are famous throughout the world only time will decide if this is really going to be a hit or not but its a great effort by the owner to start the restaurant of one of its kind in India.

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