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Ibiza: Much more than just Parties

The very mention of Ibiza and your chain of thought rushes into a music video where a million heads are bobbing in a trance while a DJ spins away and as 6 bachelors fly to explore Europe for 18 days Ibiza was bound to be our first destination. All set in party mood along with the music of vengaboys famous song “I am going to Ibiza” in mind we took a Raynair flight from Barcelona and reached Ibiza at around 10:00PM and checked into our Hostel ‘La Bartola’ at around 11:00. Although we were travelling from past 30 hours the excitement of Ibiza kept us moving and we decided to go to the famous Pacha for the party.

Pacha has become a brand that attracts almost every top DJ from around the world to come and perform here. The club opens at 12:00 PM and the entry charge was 30 Euro, but i think this goes up in summer when the season comes. Although not at its peak Pacha gave us more than what we expected out of a club but that’s the beauty of  Ibiza it really gets you going.  Live DJ, amazing music, glittery lights and happening crowd made it a perfect night. The club was open till 6 but we left at around 4:00 as we decided to explore town the next day. We wanted to go on one of the boat parties which Ibiza is famous for but they were already booked and looks you have to book it in one month advance to hop on boat.

On the way to beach

As we wanted to explore the town we decided to rent bike for the next day and wander around the island. Our Hostel guy gave us a list of places to visit but we decided to stick to the south of Ibiza and went to Sant Antonio and Es Vedra for sunset which is also the highest rated place of Ibiza on tripadvisor. Driving on the roads of Ibiza is amazing in its own way, zooming your bike in the chilly winds, with lush green farms on both side, sneak peak of Balearic Sea in between. There are also a lot of overhead on the way from Ibiza to Sant Antonio which gives you some spectacular views. At around 4:00 PM we reached Sant Antonio Sunset Beach Strip. The crystal clear water, cold breeze and clear sky made it the perfect place for a leisurely walk and spend the evening. After grabbing a Pizza at Mint Cafe at Sunset Strip at around 5:30 we decided to head towards Es Vedra for sunset.

View from Overbridge

It took us around half an hour to reach from Sant Antonio to Es Vedra. As there was still time left left in sunset we strolled around for some time and found a perfect place to witness the magical sunset. I had never seen such a clear and bright sunset before, with Es Vedra the small rocky island on our front, clear sky towards the left of EsVedra and sun setting on the right, there was something magical about the place that captivated us. It was really the best sunset that i have witnessed so far and I would recommend this place to anyone who is visiting Ibiza. There is also Torre de Savinar a viewpoint to see the sunset, but you will have to hike for sometime to go there. After the spellbinding sunset we started for our hotel and decided to call it a day.

Es Vedra
Sunset at Es Vedra
The Magical Sunset

As we have to leave for Barcelona at around 5 we decided to drop the bike and stroll around the Playa d’en Bossa Beach for some time. The coastline is quite long and it was a really nice walk/stroll along the shore. The water has a different color in itself deep blue and transparent along many patches of dark blue where the rocks are present. Even though it was around 12:00 you can see people suntanning, strolling or swimming in the sea. After spending a good amount of time and capturing the beautiful beach we decided to head towards out Hostel and say adieu to Ibiza and towards our next destination Barcelona.

Crystal clear water Plata d’en Bossa Beach

When we decided to include Ibiza in out Itinerary it was because of its reputation to host parties that end in the morning on the beach , but Ibiza is not just that. It is also beautiful beaches, small fishing villages, wild creeks, small gardens throughout the city and amazing sunset. Yes go there for the parties but do not forget to indulge yourself in the nature at beautiful beaches which i didn’t expected.

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