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Mojacar: The beautiful white town

We have been driving since last 10 hours with some pit-stops and reached Mojacar at around 11:00 PM. We had booked an apartment from Airbnb and the owner was kind enough to come and give the keys to us. This was the first time Airbnb’s language conversion tool helped us. Airbnb translates the messages in your inbox to your default language irrespective of the language in which the sender has typed it. As our owner could only understand Spanish the tool really helped us to interact with her.

It was pitch dark when we reached mojacar and were very tired after driving for 10 hours. Apartment owner gave us the details about the apartment, wifi password and other instructions. We had googled mojacar pics and were expecting a city with all white houses and buildings, what came along is that even the interiors of the apartment were going with the city theme white and cream; and looks like all the houses have the same theme even in their interiors. White beds, cupboards, table, chair, cream sofa and yes a swimming pool, its like everything was complimenting each other. Tired from the drive we just prepared our ready to eat meal and dozed off to sleep planning to explore the city and beach the next day.

In the morning, the whole world was different. As the sun came out the town was glowing in its own charm. As we had to checkout at 12:00 AM we packed our bags dropped them in our car and started to explore Mojacar by foot. It’s better to explore the Mojacar alleyways by foot, you can pick up a Mojacar map or even use google maps. You’ll notice along the way many beautiful details: iron-wrought doors and windows, potted plants, bougainvillea, blue tiles, orange trees and the Moorish pebble-covered paths which were thought to be beneficial for the back.

Streets of Mojacar
Pathway connecting beach

Mojacar is located on a hilltop just 170 meters above Mediterranean sea and is also famous for its pristine beaches. There are some 4-5 beaches in mojacar well connected though walking alleys as we had to be at zahara before midnight we decided to head to the closest one spend some leisurely time and head towards zahara. There were only a few people on the beach, a family chilling on the beach, some people taking the sunbath, a few strolling around the beach and few taking a dip in the Mediterranean sea. Me along with 2 other decided to take a dip and the rest went for a stroll. As Indians we are not used to cold water and so it took a lot of metal preparation to dive in :P. But once we were in the water it all became comforting and we started to enjoy our time. The water is very transparent and as the beach is rocky does not have sand mixed in it. As we float in the water with face up, the bright sunlight kept the front part of body at soothing temperate but the back was quite cold :D. A dive always refreshes me and this one takes my count to dive to 2 out of the 7 sea, Indian and Mediterranean with other 5 waiting to be checked off.

We diving in the mediterranean sea
Mojacar Landscape
Mojacar beach

After the refreshing dive when we started for our lunch one of us found that some around 115 Euro were missing from his purse, everyone almost checked their passport and wallet and everything else was safe. We had heard that you should be careful while in Spain but didn’t expected something like this in such a beautiful and calm town. After the lunch we started for Zahara which was around 5 hours of drive.

Mojacar is a adorable villages of white-washed cube houses resting on top of hills. With the beautiful white houses, the pristine beach, the hills, awesome restaurants calm atmosphere, I think Mojacar is more like a place where you would like to come and settle down after retirement. Although it was a very short stay of less than 24 hours Mojacar did cast a long lasting impression in our minds.

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