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Beach Party Sleep Repeat!! Its Miami!

South Beach, Miami! A place so beautiful, it’s a no brainer as to why it has served as the backdrop for countless movies, TV shows and music videos. Beaches so calm, Streets so lighted up, Pubs so lively, there is a vibe across South Beach which takes you away from the hustle bustle of your daily life and give you a reason to visit again and again.

When we found that there are flight tickets available for 50$ to miami and back as compared to around 250-300 on a normal day, 11 of us were on-board to jaunt across South Beach. We booked hostel SoBe which included breakfast and dinner and was just 5 minutes walking from South Beach and were all set to fly to Miami.

We departed from Cincinnati at 8:00 am, while on other days I would be asleep today I was flying somewhere in the skies. It was around 11:00AM we reached hostel but as the check-in time was 2:00PM we dumped out luggage in storage room and went for a stroll around South Beach. Like any other place I didnt expect the place to be as perfect as shown in Google Images but South Beach we different. It’s beautiful, the water is the perfect greenish blue, the sand is white, clear sky, and the sun is always shining, It looks just like the pictures you see online if not better. After spending some time of beach we headed to big pink for lunch. Although I found it to be a bit expensive but they serve large portions that 2 people can easily eat in dish and for a place right across the South Beach I think it was worth it.

South Beach
South Beach

After the lunch we all came back to Hostel to check in and freshen up and headed directly to South Beach to take a dip in Atlantic Ocean which ads one more sea in my list. To my surprise the water was very calm and once easily swim in the ocean and that’s what we all did.

We got to know that out hostel organizes a pub hopping tour everyday with free party bus transportation, along with admission into 2 different club and half an hour of free drinks in hostel all for just a fee of 15$. We all signed up for the tour and were set for the tour. It started with half an hour of free drinks in our hostel and then we boarded a party bus which took me by surprise. There was music playing in the bus with lights all around everyone dancing,drinking, I was so soaked up in the ambience that I even forgot to click some pictures, I wish I would have taken some. The bus dropped us to Fat Tuesday which was just near Mango’s Tropical Cafe, the place was nice with not much crowd, nice if you want to sit down have a couple of drink and chit cat for some time. After spending around half an hour we went to Mango’s Tropical Cafe, the highlight of the cafe is not drinks or food its the entertainment they put up. They have a live band (keyboards, drums, congos) playing Latin music.  Acts ranging from Salsa, Bachata and even a tribute to the “King of Pop,” the late Michael Jackson. Its a Super fun place with lots of cocktails, dancing, floor shows, Cuban food and a must visit place if you are near to Ocean Drive.

We decided to start the next day Lummus Park near SoBe Hostel as this would also give us a chance to stroll around and get a feel of the city. As we walked across the streets I realized how calm it becomes during the day and how the streets gets lightened up as the sun goes down. It is as if everyone if enjoying the beach in the morning and are ready to party at night. As we were walking around the park I notice open air beach gym, volleyball courts, people cycling around, this is a place which everyone will like. After spending some time we again went to beach to take a dip and spent sometime on the beach and took a lot of photos although sun rises from the beach and we planned to watch the sunrise next morning, sunset was equally beautiful. Birds flying all around, gentle breeze, the relaxing sound of waves it was perfect moment to take a bath in the ocean and spent some time on the beach. As it was already getting dark we went to hotel to decided to call it a day after the dinner.

Open air Gym at Lummus Park
Lummus Park
South Beach
South Beach

Although half asleep we were on the beach by 6:30 for the sunrise and spent sometime chit chatting and talking pictures. Though I like sunsets more than sunrise I would never miss any one of them. Its always worth to wake up and go for a Sunrise and so was this one. As the sun started rising I was in awe thinking how this made the trip complete, we had everything we hoped for. Amazing sunrise, beautiful beaches, awesome pubs, sunny weather and not forget the party bus :D.

Going for Sunrise
South Beach at Dawn
All of us waiting for Sunrise
And here it comes

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