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Drive to Big Sur National Park

One of my interview was scheduled on 26th March, Monday so I asked HR of to book me tickets on Saturday morning so that I can  catch up with my friends and even go to a place nearby. We ended up doing a trip to big sur which is also one the most famous destination for a weekend trip for bay area.

It was about 11:00 I reached at airport and 2 of my friends were waiting to pick me up and then we will directly head to big sur. I was quite excited about the trip as this the first time I was going around in California and I had heard so much about its natural beauty. We started for big sur around 1:00 after having lunch and after spending some time on 101 we took california 1 for the rest of our trip.


On way to Big Sur
landscape on California 1
Big Sur Drive
Lush Green Hills on the way to Big Sur

This was one of the trip where journey was more important than the destination of trip, I loved the views and landscape on 101 but as soon as we entered on Californa 1 I was spelbound by the landscape the route has. The view is so mesmerisng that we were tempted to stop after every 10-15 mins. We took our first bug stop near sand city to spend sometime on the beach, then near Carmel for out snacks.

Sand City Beach
After Bixby
California 1

The drive on California is so scenic, there is Pacific Ocean on one side and then mountain ranges on another. On left there are hills with lush  greenery and right is the shining Pacific Ocean.  Our next stop was near the famous Bixby Creek Bridge.

Bixby Creek Bridge
Bixby Bridge
Landscape near Bixby Bridge
Near Bixby
Near Bixby Bridge

And finally said goodbye to sun at Mcway Falls.

Mcway Falls
Mcway Falls
Sunset at Mcway Falls
Sunset, Mcway Falls

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