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Driving through Grand Canyon

We covered Horseshoe Bend and Canyon-X by 11:00 AM and had to reach Monument Valley by evening. Page to Monument Valley is a drive of around 2 hours so we decided to take a small detour and drive through some vista points in Grand Canyon.

Little Colorado River George Overlook

Technically Little Colorado River Overlook is not inside Grand Canyon but its a must go if you are entering from east. As the name suggests you can see a Beautiful overlook of the Little Colorado River and canyons formed by it. There was no water in the river but we could see the river bed and canyon carved by little Colorado river. While checking out the overlook, you can even shop for some genuine handmade Navajo jewellery.

Desert view watch tower

If you arrive through the east entrance this will be your first view of the canyon so its well worth taking a little time to appreciate the views. This is a very famous viewpoint and has a souvenir shop and cafe as well. Due to the Government shutdown, Watchtower was closed and we could not go to the top of it, it was a great visit nonetheless. Canyons reflect the sunlight and create this amazing view with different colours, with Colorado river flowing it is a sight to behold.

Navajo Point

Navajo Point is very close to the watchtower, we did not expect the view to change so drastically as compared to watch tower but canyons have a completely different colour and landscape as compared to the watchtower. There were fewer people than Watchtower so if you prefer to spend some time away from the crowd this is the place to go.

Navajo Point
Navajo Point

Moran Point

This was our second last stop in Grand Canyon. Though we did not spend a lot of time and here, took some photos and headed to Grand View Point for sunset.

Moran Point

Grandview Point

Grandview Point was our stop for sunset. This was my personal favourite stop in Grand Canyon. The shadows on the canyon and sunsets here are spectacular. Canyons change its colour to orange, even the sky looks orange due to reflection from clouds. This is the place to go for sunset if you are in south rim of Grand Canyon.

Though we did not spend a whole day in Grand Canyon or hiked it was a great experience. Though I wish to come back someday again for a hike in Canyons. It’s impossible to capture the beauty of Grand Canyon in one photo but I have tried to do the justice.

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