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Monument Valley on a Snowy day

Even before reaching Monument Valley, we got a lot of snow and knew it’s going to be an unexpected and memorable trip to the Valley. We did not expect heavy snow when we planned the trip but it turned out completely different. There was heavy snowfall a day before and we were literally like “winter is here!!” 😀

On way to Monument Valley
Entering Monument Valley
Monument Valley Enterance

It was around 1:00 PM that we reached Monument Valley to find it covered with heavy snow. I had always pictured the Monument Valley on a bright sunny day, red rocks shining the sunlight it turned out to be a very different landscape, a beautiful one though. After taking some photos, souvenirs and spending some time at visitor centre we decided to go for the famous 17 mile drive through the Monument Valley.

View from Visitor Centre
Monument Valley
The wall!
Start of 17 mile drive

Most of the vehicles had snow chains unfortunately, we did not and still decided to go ahead without them and 1 mile into the drive our car stopped at one of the turns and started skidding. We backed it up a little and gave it another shot but no luck! We were stuck and decided to back up slowly and go back to visitors center instead of going ahead. Half a mile of drive after turning back our car got stuck again and it became impossible for us to go ahead or even reverse. Fortunately, one of the tour operators spotted us and sent someone to help. There were 2 people riding on horse towards us and the whole scene reminded me of “game of thrones” :D. People stuck in snow and horseman riding towards them. One of them offered to drive our car and asked us to give a push from behind. At last he managed to get the car out and we were back towards visitor center.

Locals helping another vehicle after helping us
Can you spot the sun??
Winter is here!

Though the experience was not as I expected it to be but it was an memorable one. Monument Valley is as beautiful in winter as it is summer at-least from the pictures that I have seen. I would definitely love to come back to Monument Valley again in summer and so the whole 17 mile drive and even a hike or two.

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