Road Trip · USA

White Sand National Monument – New Mexico

White sands was the palce we decided to go if could not figure out any plan for december, slowly it got the shape of a road trip, Driving from California we tought of keeping white sands as our last stop and fly back from El Paso, which is around 1.5 hours from National Monument. We had booked accommodation in Alamogordo but has to cancel that as there was a Snowstorm warning in most of the parts of New Mexico, head towards El Paso and visit White Sands from there.

We did white sands on our last day of the trip. Everyone was excited to visit White Sands and a little sad to end the trip. We left El Paso in the morning and reached white sands around 11:00 AM. White sand has an amazing history behind it, how gypsum sand converted into glistening white, snow-like desert stretching over 275 square miles.

White Sands

There are a lot of short hikes, a Native Plant Garden and a drive in White sand. The ideal time to visit White Sand in the evening but we had limited time we walked in the sand for some time, soaked the beauty of it and decided to head back to El Paso. White sands spreading across acres of land with spellbinding views is a treat to eyes.

Can you spot the ice?
Its like ice is blended in sand

The beautiful white wonderland against the blue sky is unbelievably surreal. If you’re looking for an Instagram-worthy destination, White Sands should be at the top of your list!

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