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My visit to Sea World city: San Diego

San Diego offers infinite things to do and it would probably take days to do every one of them. There is San Diego Zoo which is said to be one of the best in the world and also offers a safari which itself takes 2 days to cover, then there is Sea World. There is also a USS museum which is very famous and not to forget the amazing beaches for sunset, parks for hiking, bustling downtown, numerous breweries and lively theatres. We were in San Diego for a day and had to reach LA airport by next evening so we decided to visit Sea World, Sunset Cliff Natural Park for sunset, downtown at night and Mission Beach in the morning.

We wanted to have breakfast before going to Sea World and Las Maericas Premium Outlet which is situated right near the US Mexico International Border was just 20 mins drive from our hotel and so we went to the Outlet Mall to see how US Mexico border looks like πŸ˜› and yes it is a wall πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

Other Side of the wall is Mexico

Our next stop was the famous marine-based theme park SeaWorld. Surprisingly this park has more roller coaster than Universal Hollywood πŸ˜€ most rides in Universal use motion simulation and 3-D effects. We started the tour by visiting some of the aquariums and then went to the shows. There are more around 6 shows but we went for 3 of them. Dolphin days was the best out of them, it is exactly the kind of show you would expect. Dolphins playing in coordinating to present up to this amazing show. Another one was Orca Encounter, Orcas are Sea killer whales and seeing whales performing is definitely and must see in SeaWorld. Third was the show put up by Sea Loins where they compete with each other :D. There is also a simulation-based ride Wild Arctic which was also good. Another was shipwreck rapids which takes you through the winding river and is fun too. We wanted to see a sunset as well and so we went to Sunset Cliffs Natural Park for sunset.

We reached Sunset Cliffs Natural Park at around 6:40 and roamed around for the sunset. It’s a perfect place to relax, take a walk, enjoy the Pacific. There is plenty of places to park so it doesn’t feel crowded. We walked around for some time, clicked some photos and the sat at a point to watch the sunset. Sunsets were just amazing. The sky was clear, with the ocean in front of you it feels as if the sun is sinking in the ocean. I would definitely come back to this place if I ever got a chance to visit San Diego again.

After the sunset, we went to the hotel to change and then headed to Downtown for dinner. I thought LA Downtown was hip until I came to San Diego. San Diego downtown is so lit up and there are these amazing Dining place, Bars and Breweries around, it’s just appealing. We went to a hookah place and then to a bar for a drink.

Next day we went to mission beach in the morning for breakfast. Beach stretches over a long distance and is full of restaurants and shops completely. We rented an electric cycle and went from one of the beaches to another. Sunny days like this are perfect to go on beaches, with mild cold winds it’s neither cold nor hot. We could see people playing frisbee, flying kite, cycling around, surfing literally there is something to do for everyone here. We cycled around some something and then stopped at a Burch place. It was already 1:30 by the time we finished our lunch and then headed back to LA.

We had around an hour of extra time and so decided to stop at a view point on the way back. After a little bit of googling we choose Crystal Cove Vista Point. It is very close to LA probably 45 mins south of it. This was the last stop of our trip we sat there for some time, clicked some photos talked about how good this trip was πŸ˜€ and then headed to LA airport to catch our flights.

This was the end to an amazing 4 days road trip from LA to San Diego and back. It’s definitely a trip I would consider doing it again.

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