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San Diego: Tacos, La Holla Shores and Old Town

I have been to San Diego before but it was just a one day visit and we could only go to Sea World, Mission Beach and Gaslamp District. I loved San Diego and thought of coming back to explore more. Columbus Day is not a long weekend for everyone so tickets to San Diego were really cheap. There were a lot of things which I could not do in my first visit and we wanted a relaxed weekend, San Diego sounded like a perfect place. 

The city hosts some of the best beaches in California, delicious Mexican Food, the exuberant downtown, Zoo, Parks and a lot. Unfortunately, our flight got delayed and we reached San Diego around 12:00 PM on Saturday and by the time we picked our car and reached Airbnb, it was already 2:30. After some rest, we started our hunt for Mexican Food. To fulfil our craving for Mexican food we went to the Taco Stand. It was the only place on Google Maps which looked more like a quick-serve taco stand and had a rating of more than 4.5 for all its outlet. We ordered 3 different types of Tacos a Chicken, Fish and a Veggie. Taco Stand cooks everything from scratch, a taco made from corn flour and all stuffing get grilled in front of you. Their Churrizo is also a must-try and one of the best I ever had. 3 Tacos with a mouth-watering Churrzio was a perfect evening snack! 

After the snack, we got some coffee and were headed for La Jolla Shores. I was confused between La Jolla Cove and La Holla Shores but ended up going to Shores as the cove is a smaller beach and we wanted to go to a less crowded place as to just sit, talk and enjoy the sunset. Sunsets on Pacific Coast in California is always a delight and when its a clear sunny day with small clouds dispersing the sun rays it becomes a perfect sunset. Sunset at La Jolla Shores was mesmerizing and last 5 mins of sunset it really fells sun is taking a dip into the ocean.

After sunset we went to Old Town San Diego. The Old Town Park also hosts and lot of exhibits of the way things used to be, programs, and even guided tours. As its October Old Town was filled with decorations from Festival of the Dead. We strolled around for some time, did some window shopping and one of the ladies at the counter handed us coupons for a free appetizer at Cafe Cayote which is a Mexican restaurant in Old Town. After strolling around for some time and some window shopping we went to Cafe Cayote for Dinner. The food at Cafe Cayote is delicious, We took one Chicken Enchilada, an appetizer and a sharing drink for two which was perfect for the dinner. San Diego is the place to be if you like Mexican food.

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