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San Diego Safari Zoo!!

San Diego Zoo Safari Park is considered to be the biggest and must-visit Safari in the United States. We were first confused between San Diego Zoo vs and San Diego Zoo Safari Park for our visit. The 1,800 acres os Safari zoo that make up this addendum to the San Diego Zoo is home to animals from 300 species and six continents. October was also a free month for kinds and as expected the Safari Park was filled with children.

San Diego Safari Park

The park is divided into various sections depending on the country of origin of animals. There are regions like African plains, Asian Savanna, Walkabout Australia, Gorilla Forest and any more. There are a lot of tours in the park, depending on the region and type of interaction you are interested in you can choose from available options. The entry charge is 54$ which covers the entry to the safari park and includes a half an hour guided tour in African Tram which takes you through the African Plains. There is Behind the Scene Safari which will let you interact, play and feed animals. We choose to a Behind the Scene safari in Walkabout Australia, to play with Kangaroo and feed them. I had never seen a Kangaroo in my life and was very excited about the fact that we can actually feed and play with Kangaroo during the tour. We also feed Magpie Geese, which is a common bird in Australia. The two hours Behind the Scene tour was totally worth it, for the first time I actually understood the difference between Kangaroo and Wallabies :D. Apart from Walkabout Australia, there are Behind the Scene Tours for African Plains and Asian Savana. There is also Caravan Safari and Cart safari, which also have interaction with animals. For adventurers, there is Jungle Rope Safari and Flight-line safari. All the Safaries has an additional charge with them along with the 54$ entry charge. I found behind the Scenes safari worth paying extra dollars.

We entered the park around 12:30 and our Behind the Scenes Safari was scheduled from 2:30, so we had around 2 hours to stroll around. We stared with the Nairobi Village area where there are a lot of exhibits from Africa. There is a section for petting goats where you can touch, pet and brush goats; Lorikeet Landing to feed nectar to colourful rainbow Lorikeets; Lemur Walk where you can get up close and personal with lemurs. There are also a lot of small exhibits from all around Africa. There is a Balloon Safari which takes you 400 feets height and gives you a birds-eye view of the Safari Park. We had spent one hour in Nairobi Village and realised we don’t have much time before the tour. For another half an hour we strolled around the area of Lion Camp and African Trail. At 2:15 we were ready for our Behind the Scene tour. Tour first took us to one of their training camps and gave us a sneak-peek of how they train animals. After that, we headed towards Australia section where we played and feed Kangaroos, Wallabies and Magpie Geese. We first fed some grains to Magpie Geese a bird from Australia. To my surprise, Kangaroos are very friendly animals we could pet them, we had leaves to feed them. There were around 10-15 Kangaroos and all were able to feed the one by one.

After the tour we got into African tram which takes you through the African Plains. Safari Park has created a road at the perimeter of African Plan where the Tram runs. Although there are no interactions, African Tram is also ample fun and takes you around the whole open safari park. By the time we finished African tram, it was already park closing time. 

After the safari Park, we went to a Sushi place Blue Ocean in La Jolla Coves for Dinner. I am not a big Sushi fan but the Sushi at Blue Ocean was just amazing. This was the first time I actually enjoyed Sushi. It’s definitely a must-try if you like Sushi. As we were leaving the next evening and also wanted to go to Gaslamp District.

After dinner, we went there for a couple of drinks. The first place we went to was Noble Experiment with a 4.7 rating on Google Maps. There is no food but its a must go if you try some amazing cocktails. It’s a tiny little place and the entrance so fun through a kitchen and beyond a wall of kegs. After spending around an hour there, we strolled around Gas-lamp District. We wanted to go to a pub to dance but most of the pubs were too loud for us. Eventually, we decided to go to a live music bar The Shout! House and decided to call it a day.

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