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A day in North Fork area of Glacier national Park

Unfortunately, Many glaciers and 2 Medicine were closed when we visited Glacier, so we decided to make the most of North Fork area and spent a day exploring the beautiful majestic Kintla and Bowman Lake. North Fork also has some of the best food available in Glacier at Northern Lights Saloon and Polebridge Mercantile.

Polebridge Mercantile, famous for its Huckleberry brownie and Macaroons is an ideal stop for breakfast. It’s located right outside the entrance of National Park and has amazing views of glacier mountains. We picked a macaroon, a muffin, a Huckleberry brownie and some coffee to start our day. Kintla Lake is around one hour drive from Polebridge and the drive itself is very picturesque. Fortunately, it was not windy when we reached Kintla Lake and the lake was turned into a giant mirror. With a clear reflection of clouds, trees and mountains it was a sight to behold. It was the first time I was witnessing such a big mirror lake, it was so clear that I could see the reflection of every single cloud. We wandered around the lake for a bit and then picked a place to sit down to simply admire the beauty of the lake.

After some time we were headed to Bowman lake, it’s practically the same drive when you come back to Bowman lake from Kintla. Contrary to Kintla Lake, Bowman Lake was very windy in-fact one of the rangers we met said Bowman Lake is usually quiet and he has never seen it this windy. Bowman lake looks right out of books as I stood and admired the beauty the lake, I wondered if this was as quiet as Kintla this majestic lake would transform into mirror lake, it will be quite a sight!! There are a lot of hikes around the bowman lake but most of them take the whole day. There is also a hike from Bowman Lake to Kintla lake and it takes around 4-5 days to complete it. We took a stroll around the lake and sat on one of the benches with our snacks and admired the beauty of Lake.

It was already 6 by the time we got free from Bowman Lake and then headed to Glacier Highland Restaurant for Dinner. While researching for Glacier I had heard you get amazing homemade pies and coincidentally the owner of Glacier Highland cooks these amazing pies which are famous in the area. We ended our day with strawberry rhubarb pie and vanilla ice-cream.

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