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Napa Valley …and the wine is bottled poetry…

My wife loves wines she could differentiate between the taste and texture of more wines than I could remember names of. Napa Valley is one of the most memorable weekend trips a Wine lover can catch in the states. One weekend we decided to make a quick trip to Napa Valley and pamper ourself with amazing food and delicious wine. We picked our car, sunglasses, packed some snacks and Voila we were all set to taste some of the best wines California has to offer!!

One thing we did not realise was most of the wineries take reservations and it is better to make a reservation before your visit. Anumeha had done quite a research on where all she wanted to visit but due to lack of reservation, we could not visit some of them. But that did not restrict us to visit some of the best wineries and restaurants in California. 

First StopRobert Mandovi

It was already 2 by the time we reached Napa so we could only visit one vineyard on day one. It was only after here that now I could tell the difference between Moscato and Resealing. Its Moscato taste is something that I could still remember. All the wineries have a wine tasting tour and I knew that I would not get much of it but who misses a wine tour if you are at a vineyard. As it was already 5 and most of the wineries closes by that time we decided to pick some wine to bring with us to our Airbnb and also a lot of Moscato to bring back home.  

Second StopAuberge du Soleil Restaurant

Auberge du Soleil has 13 consecutive Michelin Star awards and this happened to be the first time I was visiting a Michelin Star restaurant. We took a table outside with its awe-inspiring vista views on the outdoor terrace. Auberge du Soleil food is undoubtedly great and with the view of green fields spread all over the whole experience is engaging. 

Last Stop: Castello de Amoroso

Castello de Amoroso is one of the most famous vineyards in Napa not because of its wine but because of its architecture. Visiting it feels more like visiting a castle instead of a winery. Frankly, I liked the wines of Robert Mandovi more but this is still a place I would recommend to visit. The place offers you many types of tours but we took general admission tickets, which took us to wine tasting rooms and roam around two floors.

Napa Valley is a perfect gateway from the Bay area to pamper yourself with delicious food, savoury wine and fascinating views. 

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