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Grand Prismatic Spring: An incredible natural phenomena

How often does it happen that you visit a place you were daydreaming of since childhood. Last year, It was Hollywood Universal Studios for me and this year Its Grand Prismatic in Yellowstone National Park. I don’t remember where did I see Grand Prismatic photo for the first time, but I have been aching to see it for as long as I can recall. 

Grand Prismatic!!! <3 <3

Admire the pool from the ground

Grand Prismatic is incredibly large and known throughout the world for its rainbow colours. From the ground, it is difficult to take all the measure and beauty of Grand Prismatic Spring, but it is intriguing to see the ochre gradients that spread on its sides and colourful smoke coming out of it. Frankly, I was a little disappointed by the ground view of grand prismatic and suddenly I located people at Grand Prismatic Overlook and without a second thought, we decided to hike there. This was a place I wanted to visit since long and I was not leaving a single chance to admire its beauty to the fullest. Every promotional and Instagram picture of the spring is from above, so looking at the spring from the boardwalk can be underwhelming and that’s why you must hike to the Grand Prismatic Overlook. 

Fairy Falls Trail to The Grand Prismatic Spring Overlook

For years this option has been something of an insider’s secret for how to get the best view of the Grand Prismatic Spring. People have created unofficial trails up a hill accessed by the Fairy Falls trail, These trails were causing erosion on the hill and weren’t in great shape. Finally, the National Park Service decided to put in an official trail that leads to an official overlook on the hill. The overlook was finished in July of 2017 and became an instant hit.

To get there, take the road south and fork to the Fairy Falls Trail car park. Hike Fairy Falls Trail to The Grand Prismatic Spring Overlook for the best views of Grand Prismatic. Probably one of the most obscure things I have gotten to see in the wild world. The colours of this spring popped and amazed me that these colours could exist in nature. 

Visit Grand Prismatic Overlook to truly admire the beauty ad not just from the ground.

Slide to view Grand Prismatic from ground and from Overlook

Grand Prismatic Spring should be on everyone’s itinerary for a trip to Yellowstone. Make sure you are not planning your visit during peak tourist times and please please please include hike to the overlook in your plan.

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