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Magnificent sunset at Moro Rock: Sequoia National Park

Moro Rock was one of the places that I was looking forward to on my trip to Sequoia National Park. I love hiking to a beautiful spot to see the sunset and Moro Rock is like made for this.

The hike starts at the base of the monolith. From here we climbed around 350 steep steps to reach the summit with the panoramic views of the park. Moro Rock rises 6,725 feet above sea level, but you climb only the last 300 feet. Not to forget the staircase is narrow and in several places, it allows only one person to go through. There are a few viewing platforms to catch your breath while making your way up the stairs, even these short stops let you admire the astounding surrounding and inspire you to climb farther up.

It took us around half an hour to reach the summit. I was a little disappointed as it was really cloudy and we could not see the sun forget sunset. There was still half an hour to sunset, with some hope we decided to wait and see it gets clear and we might see the sunset.

Around 10 mins before the sunset, we could spot the sun and saw clouds near the sun were moving away. In a few moments, I was looking at this big orange ball slowly coming our of clouds and scattering its hue everywhere. Even the rocks where shining orange because of the reflection. I could have come to Sequoia only to see this sunset, it was magical.

Clouds absorbing sunrays and radiating a pink color

2 thoughts on “Magnificent sunset at Moro Rock: Sequoia National Park

    1. There is parking sport right next to the start of the trail. Though the parking is limited and you might have to wait for some time to get the spot. It takes around 45 mins to reach the top and around half an hour to come back. I would recommend keeping an hour to spend at the summit.


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