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Zip-lining in Smoky

I love adventure sports, so when a friend of mine suggested doing ziplining in the Smoky Mountains, I was on board in a second. Mountaintop zipline tour was around 100$ per person which I thought was on costlier end but it was all worth it. There are several ziplining tours in Smoky, we did our tour with Climbworks Smoky Mountains. Our tour with Climb Works was a thrilling experience from beginning to end. Tour includes five side by side zips, four sky bridge and an ATV ride to the top.

Now that I think about it first zip was the easiest but that was the one I panicked the most. It takes at least one try to build your faith in the equipment. I was standing on a 200 feet high wooden plank, clipped to the line with amazing 360 views of Smoky. As the instructor shouted 3…2…1 I closed my eyes and took a jump. I know nothing will go wrong but I was still afraid for the first time. I was gliding and passing through the trees trying to gain control over myself and in few seconds I became comfortable gliding between lush green mountains. After the first zip, I gained confidence for the rest and rest were so much fun!!

As we went on next zips there was something additional from the previous zip. One was the longest in which we had to curl up our body to maintain the speed, one with the biggest slope was the fastest, in one they asked us to pose for photos after the jump and the final one was a combination of previous ones.

I loved our ziplining tour, I had done ziplining once but that was nowhere close the scale of this one. If you are looking to do a zipline tour Smoky is a great place for it.

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