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Amazing Beaches of St Thomas

St Thomas is full of amazing beaches, no wonder it’s one of the most famous destinations in the Caribbean. More so from the USA as it’s considered domestic travel from here and folks like me who are in between visa transfer can visit get a dreamy beachy vacation. Though most of the people visit here on Cruise for a day trip, I feel a day is not enough to explore St Thomas. You can easily spend a week here and still not run out of beaches, viewpoints and water activities. There are numerous pretty beaches on St Thomas and its impossible to cover all of them and hard to determine which one to visit. We visited 4 beaches on St Thomas and loved every one of them.

Megan’s Bay Beach

Of all the beaches we visited on St. Thomas, my favourite was Magens Bay. This super protected bay has some of the gentlest, crystal clear waters you’ll see in the USVI.  Each side is surrounded by lush, hilly terrain with villas, and there are usually many anchored boats in view ahead. Magens Bay is quite long, which makes it perfect for leisurely walks along the water.  This beach is also lined with planted palm trees, and there are plenty of sheltered spots to choose from. There is a 5$ entry fee for entering the park but it is totally worth it. There is a bar and restaurant and a gift shop inside the park but it was closed due to COVID restrictions when we visited. We spent some time swimming and looking for fishes at Megan’s Bay, we were surprised to find a group of fishes swimming very close to the shore. I wish it was sunny so that we could see shining water.

Brewers Bay

We visited Brewers Bay for sunset as it’s on South West side of St Thomas. To my surprise, there was no one on the beach apart from the 2 of us. It’s one of the calmest beaches on St. Thomas and the water is clear as crystal and is known for Green Sea Turtles and Hawksbill Turtles. We just sat near the beach for some time and enjoyed our sunset. It is located very very close to the airport and you can even see incoming planes land.

Hull Bay

Out of all the beaches, Hull Bay is probably something you can skip from the list. Not that it’s not beautiful I think every island on St Thomas or in fact USVI is beautiful but this is not a beach where you can go for a swim. I had heard that people do snorkelling here but we could not find a spot to snorkel. Also, it’s a little tricky to find this as the road is awful and your GPS might not work in this area.

Coki Beach

Coki Beach is known as one of the best places on the island for scuba diving, and it’s also the most lively beach there. Vendors surround the beach selling just about everything beachgoers demand including food, drinks, and souvenirs. Chairs and umbrellas are available for rent. Our stay was very close to the Coki beach, we could almost see the beach from our BnB.

Pro tip: Do take a day trip to St John while you are visiting St Thomas. It’s one of the most serene places on earth ❤  

7 thoughts on “Amazing Beaches of St Thomas

  1. Obviously you did not know where to snorkel in hull bay, it’s without a doubt the best beach to snorkel from. I once owned a dive and snorkel shop there. I had to leave the island I loved to move back to the states to take care of my mother. My business was called, Homer’s Scuba and snorkel tours


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