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Its not just beaches: St Thomas USVI

US Virgin Island is known for beaches and why not, situated in the Caribbean it’s home to some of the most beautiful beaches. Most of the tourist visit St Thomas via Cruise and thus don’t get enough time to explore USVI. They are restricted to a one-day itinerary and that too only on St Thomas and that never does justice to USVI. There is a fascinating number of things to do on the islands. Scuba, Snorkelling and water sports are the most preferred but there is a list of all other things that you can do here. Here are some of the things we did at ST Thomas in order of what I loved most :D.

Try Coconut Water from a local merchant

I love coconut water and when you are visiting a tropical island Coconut water is a must-have. Coco water is so sweet and delicious here its a must-do when in USVI

Go for Sunset at Paradise Point

Well, you can really go wrong with sunsets on an Island, we watched a sunset from Paradise point and another from Brewers Bay, I personally liked the one from Paradise Point. There is also a restaurant and a bar at the top but it was closed when we visited. You can either drive, hike or take a gondola ride to the top.

Visit the Mountain Top and have a The Banana Daiquiri

Do you know St Thomas has one of the biggest Duty-free shops in Careebian? Mountain top is technically a huge gift shop with a bar that serves one of the best Banana Daiquiri. We took a Daiquiri from the bar and enjoyed the breathtaking views from Balcony. You could potentially spend hours soaking in the amazing views from here.   

Visit Drakes Seat

Drakes seat is another viewpoint and is also famous for sunsets. Although we stumbled on this place while driving this was definitely a highlight of St Thomas. Views of Megan’s Bay from here are just terrific. Make sure to check the weather before you visit as a sunny day will increase the visibility and charm of this place.

View from Drakes Seat

Drive a Scooter underwater 😉

You might have heard about doing scuba or snorkelling in USVI but how about driving an underwater scooter. BOSS Adventures have this unique scooter that you can drive underwater. It’s definitely a very good alternative to scuba especially if you worried about doing deep in the water. It one of the most unconventional way to explore marine life.  

Eat delicious Seafood and Tropical Drinks

Everyone likes tropical Cocktails and St Thomas some great restaurants and bar to try out. Wherever we went the food was delicious and the drinks were yummy. We had a drink with almost every meal 😀 well, you can’t really say no to cocktails here. 

Coral World Ocean Park

We spent an entire morning in Coral World Ocean Park. The place is not as big you would think but they do offer a lot of exhibits and fun activities. The Marine Garden was closed for repairs but you could feed bird nectar, touch starfish, and watch green sea turtle. They also have an underwater observatory where they do the underwater trek. All in all, we had great fun. It’s definitely worth a visit if you want to explore and learn about the varied marine life present in USVI.   

Shop on the Main Street

Shopping on Main Street was the most unexpected thing at St Thomas. Main Street is almost entirely filled with jewelry shops. Apparently, jewelers get some tax benefit in St Thomas and that’s why it’s such a huge business here. There are also some great restaurants located on Main street. It’s worth a visit even if you don’t want to shop for anything. 

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