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La Sagrada Família, Breathtaking masterpiece of Gaudi: Barcelona

Sagrada Família is one of the most toured monuments of Europe and the hottest attraction of Barcelona. Imagine the importance of a church which started its construction in 2009 and will be completed in 2026.

I am not a history or architecture buff but I was overwhelmed by Sagrada Família. La Sagrada looks almost like a giant piece of jewellery! There is so much work and detail in every part of the building. The interior of La Sagrada is based on nature because Gaudi wanted to build things that resembled nature. When inside, I just wanted to stay there for a while! I didn’t know where to look first and what to admire. The columns resembled trees, with branches and leaves. The light was coming from different windows and it was creating this spectacle of colours. The light reflections on different parts of the church gave the columns different colours. The beautiful class tainted windows, the roof, the main altar, the fine intricate details will render you speechless. Even during busy tourist season, with herds of tourists inside the basilica, one can feel such peace and calmness. Seeing the Sagrada Familia gives a very holistic and satisfying feeling.

When ready, the highest tower of La Sagrada will be 170 meters tall! What is interesting is that Gaudí believed that nothing man-made should ever be higher than what God has created. So 170 meters is only one meter less than Montjuic, the mountain in Barcelona, which is the highest point in the city!

Proposed design on La Sagrada

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