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Sunset at Es Vedra Ibiza

Google Photos does help you bring back old memories. I woke up to a notification from Google Photos saying you visited Ibiza 3 years ago and as I came to my senses I realized it has been 3 years to my first Euro Trip! Boy, how quickly does time goes by!! I still remember how obsessed I was with ZNMD and I must have listened to its intro song “Dil Dhadakne Do” at least 10-20 times on my flight 😀 😀 . The first trip is always special and I am pretty sure this trip is going to be one of the most memorable ones.

That was the time I had started writing about my trips and was still discovering what to write. how to write. I could not finish everything I wanted to at that time and now that I have time (a blessing in disguise) let’s use this to go back to some of those memories.

Ibiza was our first stop on Euro Trip. 6 boys going to Europe for the first time Ibiza know as the party capital of the world had to be the first stop. I loved our stay at Ibiza not just because we got the nightlife we were looking forward to, but Ibiza is filled with natural beauty as well. Till date, Sunset on Es Vedra is the most magical sunset I have seen. I had seen photos of Sunset at Es Vadra on TripAdvisor and that’s how I got to know of the place. It is also number one on things to do in Ibiza by TripAdvisor. Witnessing this giant orange ball dipping into the sea and spreading its hue over the clouds is just amazing.

Sunset at Es Vedra
The Magical Sunset

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