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18 days in Europe: Covering Spain, Portugal and Netherland

Finally the plan of Euro trip materializes and 6 of us are ready to fly to Europe on 1st of April; following 18 days are going to be recalled for the rest of the life. As we are all bachelors we decided to skip Italy and France and cover Spain, Portugal and Netherlands. Out of 18 we planned to spend 10 days in Spain, 4 days in Portugal and 4 days in Netherlands. As per the availability of tickets and prices we are starting with Spain followed by Portugal and finally in Netherlands.

Itinerary for Spain

Spain is famous for its ultimate combination of a legendary parties, festivals, vibrant night-life, breath-taking beaches and landscape, road trips, Flamenco, cities- replete with varied culture, architecture and cuisines. We tried to include different type of places in our itinerary starting from Ibiza to Barcelona followed by 2 villages Mojacar and Zahara de la sierra and then in Seville. 

Day 1,2: Ibiza

We are leaving from Mumbai at 6:20 AM and reaching Barcelona at 5:25 PM. As 1st April is Saturday we decided to spend the weekend in Ibiza and will leave for Ibiza via Ryanair on the same day. The cheapest flight we could find is at 8:50 PM reaching Ibiza at around 10:00 PM. Next day and 2 nights will be spent relaxing on the beach, swimming in the clear blue waters, and partying at famous clubs.

Day 3,4,5: Barcelona

Barcelona is in the list of almost everyone who is visiting Spain because of its amazing food, architectural masterpieces, walking and bike tours and a world-class drinking and dining scene. We will be spending 3 days in Barcelona to get the most out of it. With some football fans in our small group the match between FC Barcelona and Seville on 5th of April is going to be another highlight of the trip.

Day 6,7,8: Mojacar and Zahara de la sierra

The much awaited road trip starts from Barcelona on 6th to Seville on 9th via Mojacar and Zahara de la sierra. These 3 days are probably going to be the most unplanned of our whole trip. As we wanted to spend time in the village of Spain after some googling and research we decided to visit Mojacar and Zahara de la sierra. Although there are a lot of villages in North Spain like Pasai San Pedro and Cudillero which we found more scenic but as we have to go to seville we will be covering these 2 as they are on our way.

Road trip.JPG
The Road Trip

Day 9,10: Seville

9th April will probably be the most exciting day of our trip as we have decided to go for Skydiving near Seville. Although we have not booked our slots yet but this is one thing that everyone of us is looking forward to. After a little more dive in the culture of spain with sangria and Flamenco on 10th we will bid adieu to spain on 11th morning.

Itinerary for Portugal:

Most people come to Portugal for its beaches and so did we, but portugal is also famous for its terrific wines and its vineyards, Castles and offers an amazing array of marine life and migrating birds. Our Itinerary covers through the amazing beaches of Algarve , colourful Castles of Sintra and the Lisbon.

Day 11,12: Albufeira in Algarve

Just when we googled Algarve beaches and specifically Praia da Marinha and Praia de Benagil we were sure of adding Algarve in our itinerary. The famous cave beaches of Algarve are a unique attraction in itself. We have decided to stay in Albufeira as the town is closest to the cave beaches.

Day 13: Sintra

Sintra is a mesmerising town about an hour from Lisbon and people usually do day tours to Sintra from Lisbon but we will be staying there for 2 nights and 1 day. Sintra is full colorful city is like a fairyland of castles and palaces.

Day 14: Lisbon

We will not be able cover even half of Lisbon in one day but as we want to spend more time in Amsterdam we are left with only one day to explore the at the capital of Portugal.

Day 15,16,17,18: Amsterdam

There is a lot that has been already said and written about Amsterdam so I don’t have much reasons to add for spending maximum number of days here. The city literally is one of the most liberal cities in the world. The famous tulips is one of the things that we are looking forward to and yes the bike tours along the canals of Amsterdam.

Covering some of the most famous party places, beaches, villages and historical cities this is going to be one hell of a trip!

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